Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has New Life Taxidermy been in business?
We have been in business since 2001. We have been able to experience a huge amount of success thanks to our many loyal clients. In 2015, we became New Life Taxidermy & Guns.

2. I have this old gun. Can you fix it?
We are more than happy to look at any firearm you may have that needs repair. If the scope of work is beyond what we do, we will gladly recommend another gunsmith who is competent in that type of work.

3. Do you price match on gun sales?
New Life Taxidermy & Guns will do our very best to earn your business. We will match or beat prices whenever possible. However, some dealers occasionally sell some guns below wholesale costs. While we cannot match or beat prices in those instances, we make up the difference by offering the best, one-on-one customer service in the industry.

4. Do you sell used guns?
Occasionally, we do have used guns for sale. We also have access to police trade-in guns that are often an excellent value. Give us a call to inquire

5. What forms of payment are accepted by New Life Taxidermy & Guns?
We currently accept cash, check, money order, and major credit cards. For guns or gun parts/accessories, credit cards sales will incur a 3% convenience fee (minimum $3). This allows us to keep our cash/check prices as low as possible. There is no credit card fee for gunsmith labor over $50. Transfers are cash only.

6.What brands of firearms does New Life Taxidermy & Guns carry?
Through our network of wholesale distributors, we have access to nearly every brand of firearm that is currently in production and many surplus guns, including special run, distributor exclusive firearms. There are a few exceptions, but we can get most any gun you want, in the configuration you want, at an excellent price.

Does New Life Taxidermy & Guns ship firearms?
Any gun sent in for repair or gunsmithing can be shipped directly back to its owner. Gun sales to out-of-state customers must ship to a federal firearms licensee (FFL) located in the buyer's state of residence. We gladly ship firearms for customers who sell guns in online auctions, forums, etc. We charge an outgoing transfer fee plus actual shipping charges.

8. Why don't you have an inventory of guns to choose from?
There are several reasons we don't maintain a large inventory of firearms. The first reason is that we are set up as a working taxidermy shop. We don't have display cases and our walls are filled with clients' trophies that are awaiting pick up. The next reason is because we want customers to be able to purchase the exact gun they are looking for, in the exact caliber/color/configuration, without being steered to buy something just because it is in stock. This also allows us to keep overhead at a minimum which helps us deliver the best price and service possible. When you call us looking for a particular firearm, we shop all of our distributors to find the best price so that we can give you the best price. Once we find the exact gun you are looking for, we can have it ready for you to pick up within a couple days.

From time to time, we do stock up on specially priced guns when our distributors run sales. We pass those savings along to our customers.

9. Tell me about your specials?
We post specials all the time on our Facebook page. To order, simply give us a call or email: Specials change all the time. So, be sure to like our Facebook page to stay up to date.

10. Do you require a deposit to order a gun?
Depending on the gun, we may ask for a non-refundable deposit when an order is placed. We will typically only ask for this in the case of a high-end gun or a gun that we might have a hard time selling to another customer if the original customer backs out. The deposit is in place to cover restocking fees, should we have to send a gun back to a distributor because they buyer changed his or her mind.

10. How do I buy a gun online and have it shipped to New Life Taxidermy & Guns for transfer?
Our FFL license is on file with many of the larger online gun dealers. When you make a purchase, simply choose New Life Taxidermy & Guns as the FFL. If they ask for a zip code, use "27529". If an online dealer or auction seller does not have a copy of my license, ask for the email address where they would like a copy of my FFL to be sent. Call or email me and I will send a copy of my license right away. Even if they have a copy of my license, some dealers might require me to verify that I am willing to accept a shipment. If that is the case, feel free to give them my email ( or my mobile number (919)524-8291.

Once the gun arrives, I log it into my books and call the customer to inform him/her that their gun is in. We set an appointment time (often the same day). The customer comes in, fills out some paperwork, pays a small transfer fee, and then takes their gun home. Remember to bring your drivers license or passport and your concealed carry permit/pistol permit, if you have either of them. Military personell that are not permanent residents of NC should bring a copy of their orders.

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