Current Price List
Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

Incoming w/ CCW or Pistol Permit$15 Cash Only
Incoming w/out CCW or Pistol Permit$20 Cash Only
Outgoing$20 Cash Only + Actual Shipping
Private Party Sale$25 Cash Only
Deep Clean, Inspect, Lubricate Rifle/Shotgun$50**
Deep Clean, Inspect, Lubricate Pistol/Revolver$40**
Install Handgun Sights Purchased HereFREE
Install Handgun Sights Customer Supplied$30
Boresight Scope$15
Install & Boresight Scope Purchased Here$35 + parts
Install & Boresight Customer Supplied Scope$50 + parts
Lap Scope Rings$20
Install Glock 3.5lb Ghost Trigger Connector (includes part)$35
Install Glock Ghost Trigger Connector & Spring Kit (incl. parts)$50***
Install & Fit Glock Ghost Rocket Trigger Connector (incl. part) $60
Install & Fit Glock Ghost Rocket Trigger Connector & Spring Kit (incl. parts) $80***
Polish Glock Internals $25
Install S&W M&P Apex Trigger Kit (incl. parts)$160
We also do 1911 trigger work and sell/install various aftermarket parts for 1911 pistols and AR-15 rifles. We can also rebarrel or change calibers on your AR-15 rifle. Call for details on these services or any other services not listed.

** Clean, Inspect, & Lubricate includes a deep cleaning, inspection of gun for proper function/worn parts, and lubrication with Frog Lube C.L.P. or Break Free C.L.P. Excessively dirty or abused firearms might incur additional charges.

***Customer choice of Self Defense or Competition Sprinh Kits.