Firearms Transfers

How Transfers Work

We offer firearms transfer services for both online/out-of-state sales and private party local sales. With a few exceptions, Federal law requires guns to be shipped only to Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL). Additionally, an out-of-state dealer can only transfer firearms to a FFL in the buyer's home state. So, if a client purchases a gun online or out-of-state, they cannot have it shipped to their home. It must go to a licensed FFL to do the paperwork/background check and transfer it to it's new owner. New Life Taxidermy & Guns offers a transfer service for our customers. For a low fee, we send a copy of our license to the shipper, receive the gun on our client's behalf, log the gun into our books, and complete all the paperwork required for the transfer.

We also offer private party transfers. While not currently required by law, some individuals prefer to sell their personal guns through a FFL dealer. The benefit to doing private party sales through a FFL is that the buyer will be background checked and a record of the transfer will be permanently listed in our bound book and files. This prevents a private seller from breaking the law by inadvertently selling a gun to someone who is not legally allowed to possess a firearm. It also gives the buyer a record that he or she legally bought the gun versus stealing it. Additionally, if the gun is ever stolen and recovered, a record of the transfer is on the books to allow the owner to have proof that the gun belongs to him/her.

Our fee for transfers is one of the lowest in the Raleigh area. Please call (919) 701-9DUX or click on Pricelist on the menu for our current transfer fee.
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